Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New Modern Farmhouse by Ron Brenner Architects

Ron Brenner Architects has been working on another new custom designed home to be constructed in Willernie, Minnesota.  The 4 bedroom home seamlessly incorporates contemporary siding and window patterns within classic mid-western farmhouse forms.  Check out the images below:

Entry Image - We conceived of a bosque of trees to delineate public entry from the private garage zone.  The wrapping front porch provides space to wait for oncoming guests.

Front Elevation Image - The garage is treated like a connected barn; right down to the red siding.  The elevation demonstrates the great attention we pay to scale and proportion on all of our designs.


  1. How many square feet is this home? Do you have anything similar floor-plan wise to this home on your website?

  2. Thanks for the inquiry. This home is approximately 1670 finished square feet on the main floor and 1480 finished square feet on the second floor. Please contact me directly through my website so I can get more information on your specific needs.