Saturday, February 23, 2013

Design Inspiration from Pasadena and Palm Springs

I recently took a trip to Pasadena and Palm Springs to gain some design inspiration and learn more about two very different types of residential architecture.  Pasadena is famous for its wealth of Arts and Crafts Architecture and Palm Springs has the largest concentration of Mid-Century Modern Architecture.  For design enthusiasts it is a great trip because there is so much to see and the two locations are only a couple hour drive from one another.

The pictures below illustrate the contrast between the two styles of Architecture.  Built only 38 years from one another the houses are worlds apart in style.

Pasadena - The Gamble House, 1908 - Designed by Charles and Henry Greene.

 Likely the most famous example of American Arts and Crafts style Architecture.  This home is on the National Historic Register and is open for public tours.  For more photos and information you can start at this link:  Gamble House Photos

Palm Springs - The Kaufmann House, 1946 - Designed by Richard Neutra
A classic example of Mid Century Modern Architecture.  This home is privately owned but you can see a nice little slide show at this link:  Kaufman Slideshow

I always learn more than a few things from this kind of trip.  Over the next weeks I'll be posting additional pictures and giving you some tidbits that you might be able to apply to your next home design or remodeling project.

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