Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Garage Apartment Plan Unveiled

Simply Elegant Home Designs is unveiling "The Marine Garage Apartment"; the first in a new series of Garage Apartment Plans that they are developing.

The idea of an above garage apartment is not new, but it seems especially appropriate for the times we are in. Families are struggling with reduced income, or are looking for alternative housing solutions for their aging parents. An apartment garage plan can be a perfect place to house the still active mother-in-law, or it can used as an income generating rental unit.

The Marine Garage Apartment as seen below incorporates a studio apartment space above a generously sized two car garage. The apartment plan accommodates a kitchen, dining area, living / media zone, bed area, storage and a full bath.
Simply Elegant Home Designs will be developing additional garage apartment plans over the next several months so stay tuned.


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  5. Add to that the fact that we come and go from our houses through the garage on a daily basis is, and you can see that the garage is one of the most frequently used rooms in your house and it is the front door for the homeowner. It is for these reasons that garage designs should be given the attention they deserve.