Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How to Not Save Energy in your House

I have been a big proponent of what I call "common sense green". I hate to see people do things for the sake of being green - but are not really green at all. Anyway I came across some useful information on the fine homebuilding blog regarding some green "myths". The article identifies a number of common strategies that do not necessarily save you much energy. Those include the following:
  1. furnace tune ups
  2. sizing furnace correctly (not oversizing)
  3. basement duct sealing
  4. floor insulation
  5. caulking and weatherstripping
  6. window replacements
  7. tankless gas water heaters
  8. cooling your attic
  9. changing furnace filters monthly
  10. opening your refrigerator quickly
  11. using drapes to insulate windows
You should read the entire article if you want further information. See the following link:


  1. Thanks for sharing us your knowledge, i hope these ideas can work better, i will definitly try it and will let you know what is the result? thanks again and keep it up, please wirte some thing on roofs, we need to save our roofs for a long time, looking for your new post.

  2. Thanks for the post, these tips are really useful and i think every home owner should have this knowledge.